Playa Panama Area Guide

Hacienda Del Mar is located in the fastest growing tourist area in Costa Rica, the Papagayo tourist area, also known as the Gold Coast. This area is the focal point of the renowned area of the Bay of Papagayo; only 15 minutes from the Liberia International Airport Daniel Oduber (LIR). Visitors can enjoy traveling directly from over 40 international airports, including Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Panama, New York, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Minneapolis, Denver and others into LIR. This ease of access makes this tropical, exotic destination a must see and experience, for first time travelers as well as seasoned veterans. Many adventures await you, from extreme sports to just plain relaxation. Costa Rica offers an array of multiple activities from world class sports fishing, to golfing, canopying, surfing,  yoga, and spectacular scenery, with exposure to the consistent warm climate, mellow mountains, and gentle oceans. But what is a destination without wonderful hospitality? in Costa Rica only smiles await you to provide the most memorable experiences during your stay!

The Province

Guanacaste is the most diverse province of the country, hospitality at the forefront. Vast and extensive land with defined coasts, surrounded by a belt of mountainous terrain and valleys allow nature to provide an extensive abundance of fauna and flora. Defined by two distinct seasons: six months in length, one of luscious green vegetation caused by sporadic rainfall during the rainy or "green" season, and the other by dry tropical weather with countless days without a cloud in the sky, making this destination particularly special, and guaranteeing days with unobstructed sunshine. Many Central American tribes used Guanacaste as a passage way due to its abundance of coastline and accessibility to hunting and fishing. Many tribes settled in this area to call it their home. The gentle climate and the rich soil have made the area prime for agriculture and ranching. The only true cowboy in Costa Rica is found on this land, the sabanero, and the pride they have in their occupation is celebrated with numerous festivals that today still include rodeo, cattle auctions, traditional dishes, and trade. Every small town and village holds one or more of these festivities enjoyed by the local population and many visitors. Large festivities of this same nature are held in the capital of Santa Cruz and Liberia, the second largest city in the Province, with many activities including amusement park games, arts and crafts markets, and many types of entertainment enjoyed by all ages. Guanacaste, still has many rural areas that can be explored as well as gorgeous National Parks that await all visitors, from beach reserves like Playa Junquillal to dry tropical forests like Parque Nacional Palo Verde where the largest number of bird species in the country can be seen, as well as the magnificent volcano Parque Nacional Rincon De La Vieja just 1 hour away with thermal pools, wonderful walking trails for all ages and fauna observation. Another well known attraction are the caves of Barra Honda which host many visitors as they are considered unique in their formations.

The Country

Costa Rica is a small country, about the size of West Virginia, located in lower Central America between Nicaragua and Panama. It has coasts on both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The central part of the country is made up of a series of volcanic mountains and raincloud forests. Costa Rica contains less than 5% of the earth's land mass, but is home to over 20% of the bio-diversity in flora and in fauna. Over 25% of the entire country is deeded as national parks or protected green zones. Costa Rica, is one of the most sustainability driven countries in all of the Americas. At the forefront of ecotourism, Costa Rica has an amazing number of destinations in a small territory, from lava fields and active volcanos, to wonderful parks and protected areas for the enjoyment of all.